Magdalene In Distress

This  article  about  eighty-nine year old artist, Magdalene Stift-Jourdan, got me thinking.

Magdalene Stift-Jourdan, who was born in the Austro-Hungarian empire but spent years living in Montreal, Canada, has been painting for over 60 years. On Thursday, she finally got to hold her own art reception at the public library in her adopted town of Thompson, Connecticut.

Unfortunately, their wasn’t much promotion for the event — and the sad octogenarian was left feeling ‘foolish’ and ‘forgotten’ when hardly anyone turned up for it.

After reading this sad tale, I came away with two key points. First, support artists in your community. Please. It’s crucial to encourage artists to do what they do because the arts are vital to society.


(Above Photo – One of Stift-Jourdan’s paintings from her art show.)

And second, artists are a unique breed: they are forward-thinkers.  According to one study, artists are immensely courageous individuals because they create works of art and put them out into the world for everyone to see, contemplate, critique and scrutinize. I guess, that is why reading  the article on Magdalene was so touching.

To have an art exhibit and have no one respond would be very disheartening. Understatement. I felt for this woman. And  I would be crushed to have any (let alone my very first!) art opening and to have no one attend.

So your takeaway in all this is to support the arts.   Also, keep in mind the idea that artists are a special kind of people –  bold risk takers and creative innovators.


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