30 Americans



Late last month I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum for the first time. While I was there I saw  an exhibit called 30 Americans. The collection was composed of  African-American artists from the past thirty years. Read more about the show here.

Below are some of the high points from the show. (And, may I say, there were A LOT.)



Untitled (1985-1999) by Purvis Young



Bird On Money (1981) by Jean-Michel Basquiat



Non je ne regrette rien (2007) by Wangechi Mutu



The Seven Prisoners of the Abyss (2008) by Noah Davis


Soundsuit (2009, 2008) by Nick Cave


Whore in the Church House (2006) by Mark Bradford  [Top – Two close-up photos of the work. Bottom – The entire piece.]